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Someday there will be sunshine...I hope

Maybe it's easier to start typing by talking about the good things first...

Yesterday, Muke and I went to go see The Forgotten. It was a pretty good movie. For like the first time in I don't know how long I actually jumped in my seat. I mean sure it had some drawbacks for sure, like some bad writting at times, dragging and such. Other than that it was a very emotional day. From a new experience to start a day to second guessing doing that, which was not supposed to happen. Enough of that... That night was feeling really down, the pain was so much and every little thing bothered me and helped to make it worse. Unfortunately it was put upon my mate. He is absolutely amazing to be able put up with all my shit, I want to get better. The therapist wants to put me on drugs, she thinks that will help me to get better. I'm scared to go on anything...

School is going okay, got B's on my first two tests which is normal for me, especially when I don't study...enough. I actually got my programs to work right which is new for me and the reason I'm retaking a class.

Today I must go get a hair cut, prolly one of the hardest things for me to do. Usually I would just go and ask her to buzz cut it, but Muke doesn't want that so it must be "trimmed" eeegah. Such is life. A lot more has happened in the last month, some good things like meets at our place and such, but that's enough for now.

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