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I was a bad lion today, stayed home from two of my three classes to watch the braves. It was a good game and a milestone one for Cox, getting 2000 wins. I think Muke was kinda upset with me for doing it. It wouldn't be so bad, if they weren't so borring, but that's what I get for mistakes in the past semester. Next week playoffs, it'll be fun, I spose.

I think my Red Octane pad has been past it's prime, with the PS2 it doesn't appear to be working well at all. I had read the boards on DDRfreak that it could be the whole deal with the corner arrow always on. Who knows, nothing I can do with a soft pad anyway, at least it still works fairly well with XBOX.

Today has been a very dark day, a hopeless day if you will, a day in which it doesn't look like things will get better, one which I just wish would end.
So with that I leave with what I seem to hear a lot: Life is Pain


Dammit, give me the pills...
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