Arik (ariklion) wrote,

It's this time of the semester, the last day to W drop. I've had to really think this over, are the classes I'm in now going to help me or not. Failing or getting a D would be very hurtful. Right now I think I can get at least a B in two of the three, but Differential Equations has been kicking my tail for the past few weeks. The homeworks have been low scores or none at all since I can't even start them. We have a test on Friday which I don't feel there's anyway I can pass. The course isn't required for a cs degree and would end up serving no point except to keep me a full time student. If I drop it then I won't be a full time student and I don't know if my dad's insurance will still cover me for the rest of the year.

Life is tough, it's hard to see the one I love be in such financial trouble. Working at BK is gonna take a while. I'm always worrying about what the student loans people are going to do. They're not going to nothing forever. Just a matter of time until we hafta run for the border, or go into hiding or something :p

On Friday I got a pic of me done by Shades, a cheetah who lives here in the fort, wootah the second one ever, (by a different artist I mean). It's cool, I like it a lot, Muke did some cleaning up, getting rid of lines somewhat. It's just a sketch but it made me very happy to get it.

I used to like writing in here a lot more, now it's more choresome. Things change, maybe I'll get more into this in the future who knows. Muke was feeling down or bad tonight, he wrote "ale li ike", everything is bad or something. I worry. It's time for bed, I need to be near him to maybe take some worryness away.
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